MAFIP - Makefile for idle programmers

What is mafip?

mafip is an intelligent and 'ready to run' Makefile for small projects. Just type mafip in your source-directory and you'll get the makefile.

Why do i need your Makefile?

mafip's intension is not to keep every programmer clear from writing Makefiles or using the GNU-Build-System but tries to help all Unix-Hackers writing small tools or little projects.
You only have to keep eyes on your code, you can add c-files (wheter they have a main() or they have to be linked into the binary); just type make and it should work.


  • make depend : create depencies (automatically done when no .dep file exists)
  • make clean : Ok, disc-space we all have enough but sometimes needed...
  • make install : Copies all programms we've build to /usr/bin
  • make dist : Creates a nice tar.gz containing all neccessary files...
  • make (all) : yeah, also we can build the code

Where to get?

Goto mafip's project page on SourceForge and you'll find the latest version.

Author and License

Folke Ashberg <folke at>
mafip is GPL'ed